This picture pretty much explains it all. This is a child that was held in there mothers stomach for about 11 weeks until she decided to get an abortion. A mother should feel ashamed and upset to allow this to go on. Aborting her child and seeing this after is very cruel. The abortion rate keeps getting higher and higher woman don’t have any other options but this. The government needs to put this to an end ! If this don’t make you upset seeing this then there is no hope in putting this to an end. Baby’s that are made should be able to come out breathing fresh air and living through life!


Without the internet many woman wouldn’t know what an abortion is and wouldn’t go about it. Being a woman and being pregnant you can just look anything up and find the solution to the problem. The internet also allows woman to find easy cheep access to abortions in which they think is great. The internet also tells and informs people the causes and effects or doing such a thing and most people don’t put it into consideration when doing this. The internet is very useful but it should give people less and less access to get an abortion since there are Supreme Court cases about it. No one is helping to stop this cruel procedure.

Abortion Pill

Today there is more then just a surgical abortion done in pregnancy offices. Now many woman have the option of an abortion pill which in my opinion is a worse option then getting the fetus surgically. The pill has a success rate of 95% and works with woman who are 8 weeks pregnant or less. Which with the pill you have to have the fetus in you a certain amount of time before you can abort it. With a regular abortion you can wait a couple of months and decide. With the success rate doctors are making it more easier for patients and woman to access the abortion pill easier then they would be able to access the surgery. The sad part about these options is that either way could cause death and affect the mother in many different ways. These 2 options really aren’t the best and it needs to come to an end it causes problems later on in life such as possibly not being able to give pregnant or death.

Courts & Laws

In 1973 the US Supreme Court ruled that abortion was legal in the case Roe v. Wade. Activists and politicians have been working to overturn this decision since the case. Ever since then we now see the affects of this. The attacks on Roe in the court case had risen up when President trump had made two new judges be in charge in the Supreme Court who are anti- abortion views. This dont mean that the law will determine weather people can access abortions but it should be. In 1973 anti- abortion activist had been picking at abortion access. They did this by creating barriers which makes it difficult and impossible for woman to get abortions no matter what the law says. This is a good thing and needs to be done around the world. Thankfully we have anti- abortion activists that are willing to make a change and are trying too.

Stop Now!

Thousands of people everyday all over the world are protesting against this problem in the United States. It is becoming a major issue in the court of laws and might never go no where. Presidents such as trump are against abortions but will he really do something about? Some presidents in the past are for this issue and cause and some are against. If I was president this situation faced in the US would have been resolved. Abortion is a cruel and un womanly thing to do, not only is it that is very unfair. Woman don’t think of the negatives and other people do. They realize and they protest to get rid of Abortions due to the thoughts and changes it makes to a person.

Different views on weather abrotions should be legal or illegal.

In the following chart above you will notice that the views are greatly split up in the United States. In the chart you will realize each color has a percentage at the end of the block, in which this case between legal in all cases and legal in most cases is all together is 59% which is more then half of the US feels that they should be legal which is a big percentage and a lot of people. People that feel it is illegal in most cases and illegal in all cases all together is 37% which is less then half. The abortioins laws that people want to keep legal is more then the ones wanting to keep it illegal. The 37% are making sure these cases are being to put to an end. There bringing cases to the Supreme Court and protesting on what should be right in the US.

What can people be doing differently about abortions?

I feel like in a world like this everyone can make their own decisions and have their own opinions. I strongly disagree that abortions shouldn’t be a law and should be abolished. In some cases people can not have the baby due to medical conditions which is serious and in some cases because their too young or don’t have money ect. Without abortions what would people do? They genuinely wouldn’t have an other option but have the baby or give it up for adoption. Either of those choices are definitely better then having an abortion in my opinion. Your simply giving it a chance to live and experience the world instead of removing it and not having a chance in the world at all. I feel as if abortions are too harsh to society and affect the mother as a whole. It is a very big responsibility to have that decision or option to pick right away. No woman should have to go through an abortion especially if they genuinely want the baby but have problems they cant help. Abortions should be abolished and give people a better option along with different resources to help them.

What is an abortion?

You’re probably reading my posts and wondering what is an abortion. Well I will explain it to you, an abortion is the ending of a pregnancy by the removal of a fetus (child) before It can survive in the real world. Sounds crazy but it’s a real thing. There are 2 different types of abortions, there is the medical abortion which you simply just take a pill to end the pregnancy. And the second way is the surgical way in which a doctor goes in and removes the fetus before it enters the real world. Seems unreal and impossible but its nearly done everyday and millions of woman are doing it daily.

What is going on today ?

Today in society abortion laws are being banned in many states due to its affects and how many woman are turning to this option. At this point our present president Donald Trump is making it harder for woman to access abortions. He doesn’t even want people talking about it or suggesting this option to woman. Trump passed a rule in which states that planned parenthood had to stop performing abortions or referring woman to abortion providers. I believe that trump is making a very good rule and even banning it. Abortion is a very serious topic and matters like this should be taken seriously especially since Trump is even taking it into his own matters himself. Woman are relying on it so much that their going to as many doctors as they can to try and get this procedure done.

How did I first get introduced to the topic of abortion ?

I was first introduced to the well known topic of abortion when my friend was dealing with the issue herself. I simply made it my job to be by her side and learn everything about the topic so I’m well educated and know what’s going on. Throughout the journey of being with her through ever doctor and learning new things about it everyday it became an interesting topic that shouldn’t really even be a topic too being with. Many people like my friend don’t really have a choice but this option when dealing with a baby that they can’t have. I believe there should be better options and different ways to handle this situation. Without my good friend dealing with this situation I would have never found a interest in it, to push myself to learn more about this topic, and to post about my option on this topic like I am today.